Why do dogs bury their bones?

Why do some dogs go and bury their bones in the garden or under the cushions of your sofa? Here are the 3 reasons for this behavior.

To build up food reserves

Instinct is the most common reason for a dog to bury his bone in the garden. The dog is said to have learned this behaviour from its wild ancestors who, in doing so, would accumulate food in anticipation of times when they would run out. The dog was able to hunt large prey that exceeded the capacity of its stomach. By burying part of his hunt, he saved food for later…when hunger came.

This behaviour is also found in other canids, such as wolves and foxes, but also in other species such as squirrels, which are known to build up food reserves of nuts and hazelnuts in anticipation of the cold season.

If your dog continues today to be a “pantry” by burying his bones in your garden, it would simply be an expression of instinctive and ancestral behaviour. However, since there are no longer any lean periods, there is a good chance that the “hidden treasures” of your dog, whose bowl is well stocked every day, will remain hidden forever!

To hide them and preserve them better

But why put them in the ground?

Well for the same reason you put your valuables in a safe or under a mattress! To keep them out of sight and prevent them from being stolen.

More seriously, to explain why a dog buries its bones, we can only speculate. Some authors believe that burying food underground would mask its smell and prevent other animals from being interested in it when others think it is to keep it “fresh” longer.

Anyway, some of our “modern” and “city” dogs nowadays just hide their loot in the blanket of their bed or between the cushions of your sofa!